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If Doge says the Iron Dome is “much protect”, these kids are why.

4 Tactics Gaza’s Propaganda War Stole from Online Trolls

#4. Israel Has a War Room of Social Media Whiz Kids

Like a frustrated grandpa who can’t figure out which side of his iPad has the screen, Israel has decided to delegate the task of maintaining its online reputation to a bunch of kids. The photo above shows the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, one of Israel’s top private universities, where about 400 volunteer students work in shifts that run from 9 in the morning until 8 at night doing what teenagers do best: arguing with other people on the Internet.

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Maybe some of your Tumblr use actually can help you this semester.

5 Bizarre Studying Hacks You Won’t Believe Improve Learning

#5. Looking at Porn

In a study at Carnegie Mellon University, researchers gathered a group of heterosexual male college students and submitted them to a speech and math test in an experience that was purposely designed to be stressful. While they were waiting to take the test — probably while planted actors whispered about how the test was “such a bitch, bro” while shivering and sweating a lot — the students were asked to participate in a survey, which they were told was unrelated to the test because, again, scientists are sneaky little bastards. In the survey, half of the students were shown images of partially nude couples doing some fuckin’ (but, you know, classily), while the other half were shown images of couples engaging in non-sexual behaviors such as unfuckily drinking wine together. After the survey, the students’ stress levels were measured and they were given the aforementioned anxiety-inducing test.

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