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You’re looking at the marine life version of overwhelming swag.

5 Animals That Have Learned How to Keep Pets

#4. Emperor Shrimps Ride Other Creatures Like They’re Horses

Emperor shrimps are natural hitchhikers, and they’ll ride just about anything in a pinch (they might even choose you, which is certainly a better fate than if a shark decided to do so) — but their ideal whip is some venomous creature, like a sea cucumber, medusa worm, or nudibranch. Those animals are usually brightly colored, a striking visual that can easily convince potential predators to stay the fuck away or risk a very painful death indeed.

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It turns out mourning isn’t on as predictable a path as one of those tacos marauding its way through your body.

5 Ridiculous Lies You Probably Believe About Psychology

#4. People Do Not Grieve in Five Stages

The five stages are something one lone psychiatrist came up with in the 1960s for a book she was writing. There’s no evidence for it; it’s just something she thought she observed … while watching people in a completely different situation.

Here, ask yourself: Is there a stage that seems to be missing here? Well, how about the one where you yearn for the person to be alive again? As in, the emotion you actually feel the most after someone dies? Well, it’s not there because the five stages weren’t supposed to apply to people mourning the loss of others — they are emotions the terminally ill express when facing their own deaths.

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