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And imagine the basement he built it in!

The 5 Most Incredibly Detailed Replicas Ever Made by Fans

#5. A Lord of the Rings City Made of Matchsticks

For reasons that neither science nor theology will ever be able to explain, Patrick Acton decided to spend three years of his life stacking matchsticks together to form the mountain city of Minas Tirith… Between the fortified city and the mountain upon which it sits, this seven-tier structure was built using 450,000 individual matchsticks. … He even managed to build curved walls and the winding branches of a miniature tree using nothing but tiny, brittle sticks.

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Whatever happened, that’ll help.

The 4 Most Underrated Feelings in the World

#4. Hitting Your Own Mattress After the Worst Day Ever

The best cure for a terrible day, assuming your terrible day doesn’t involve you running for your life throughout the night, is one perfect night of sleep. And even if tomorrow is worse than today, even if the shitstorm rises to a crescendo of foul bastardry that makes you curse the day your father forgot to use a condom, for a pristine moment, when you’re on a firm but not-too-firm mattress, a soft pillow, a comforting blanket — damn, that’s the stuff.

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If it’s not a killer shark movie, why even show up to set?

5 Movies That Made Huge Stars Quit Acting Forever

#5. Richard Dreyfuss — Silver City, then Poseidon

Dreyfuss wanted to do something worthwhile [after Silver City], so he went back to theater and scored a role in the musical version of The Producers. Finally, he felt alive again! No more of that Hollywood bullshit! What’s that? You had no idea the guy from Close Encounters of the Third Kind could sing and dance? He can’t, so he got fired. He says he “trolled for work” during this time (mostly on the IMDb message board for Mel Brooks, I’m guessing), but at least he still had his dignity. Then Wolfgang Petersen came along and asked him to drown that dignity in a big studio water tank, and Dreyfuss said sure.

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